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Life in the portal, so far

2009-05-09 08:30:50 by SmurGoes

Ok, so it's been like two months since I joined Newgrounds in search of a place to exhibit my music. It's quite hard to get any decent critique though, since people usually just listen to a song and throws a vote.

So far, overall, my music seems to go well with the community, until yesterday, when I submitted my first "failure". It's nice to get those reality checks every once in a while, and I will leave the song "RRR" up, to remind me that I too can suck pretty badly.

I'm currently trying to improve my voice so that I may include vocals in my songs. It's really hard though, and I admire people who are gifted with caring tunes like it's nothing.

Hello Worl- I mean Newgrounds!

2009-03-02 08:24:02 by SmurGoes

Ah, so I've finally created an account here. How nice. Feels kinda good to actually be able to vote on submissions and have an opinion.

That's not the reason I signed up though, it was to have a repository to publish my music. I'm not by any means a "real" musician, but sometimes I do create some worthwhile stuff.
And since I really like to receive critique on my work, Newgrounds seemed like the perfect place to submit it to.

I just hope they won't be blammed from the face of the site too quickly..