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Hello Worl- I mean Newgrounds!

2009-03-02 08:24:02 by SmurGoes

Ah, so I've finally created an account here. How nice. Feels kinda good to actually be able to vote on submissions and have an opinion.

That's not the reason I signed up though, it was to have a repository to publish my music. I'm not by any means a "real" musician, but sometimes I do create some worthwhile stuff.
And since I really like to receive critique on my work, Newgrounds seemed like the perfect place to submit it to.

I just hope they won't be blammed from the face of the site too quickly..


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2009-03-02 08:56:13

Lucky for you music can't get blammed. Now maybe if it were flash...


2009-03-11 17:38:35

are you wearing eyeliner in your picture? if so thats awesome man i use eye liner too!

SmurGoes responds:



2009-03-24 07:49:23

Lol, photoshoped eyeliner(not laughing at you). You have epic audio! I'm sure you'll enter ALOT of good music. PROOVE ME RIGHT! :D


2009-03-26 08:03:45

Omg Shhh!